5 quick fixes for anything that jiggles.. I do every one of these exercises every night before bed!

5 Quick Fixes for Anything That Jiggles

Great Diet Ideas - 5 Quick Fixes For Anything That Jiggles! - 5 Quick Fixes For Anything That Jiggles!

"Great Glutes in 20 Minutes"

Glutes work out Damn! I want those glutes. Have to add this glute workout into my weekly routine.

.I can't get past step 1

Cardio Pyramid and Leg Pyramid. Especially if you work out at home, these are some great sets to add in to your routine. For me, finding creative ways to get my cardio in is the hardest because I hate running!

Banging Body 3 week Program

If your a little on the bigger size make it your goal not to just lose weight! Focus on your curves and emphasize the shit out of them, I'm skinny, but I'm working on eating right to gain some weight and work out right so I gain that hour glass shape


Detox Diet Drink (3 Day Plan)

15 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism. I already eat or drink a majority of these! Didn't even realize that they helped boost metabolism.


"Life is Too Short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you" As Dr.Wayne Dyer always says, one of the first things you have to do to start on the path of the life you want, is to REMOVE yourself from the presence of negative people.


Hold each pose for 30 seconds. You'll feel great when its all done! AND it should take about 14 minutes, and you can do it at home. yoga hold longer than 30 sec

Yoga for Weight Loss

6 Yoga Breathing Techniques For Weight Loss

Weight loss is the new rage throughout the world. In all this madness yoga breathing exercises provide an inexpensive and long term solution to weight loss and better health.

11 reasons to drink more green tea

11 Reasons to Drink Green Tea. Dunno if these are true, but then, I don't need any convincing. I've been drinking green tea for about a year now, since about the time I read Dracula ("Reduces high blood pressure" ha!

10 Ways to Get a Flat Stomach (like hers!)

10 Ways to Get a Flat Stomach


Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry. I have a bird who loves french fries, so I know. that's pretty happy!

Original 100-Day Real Food Challenge, no more processed foods

Original 100-Day Pledge

From May through September 2010 our family of four – including our daughters who were ages 3 and 5 at the time – pledged to go 100 solid days without eating a single ounce of highly processed or refined food (that means no white flour or sugar!