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slut shaming.

some girls need to get this in their heads. a girl worth kissing is not easily kissed.

Feminist Little black dress

100 Awesome Signs From Slut Walks Worldwide [Gallery] : The Lion's Den University<<Could I get this on an actual LBD?

Slutwalk DC 2011

This girls message is so sad, and intolerable. Slut walk- society teaches don't get raped rather than don't rape.

"Rape predates mini-skirts"

In response to the "she was asking for it" defense: Rape predates miniskirts.

SlutWalk-Boston. The way you dress is not a "Yes"

A Tale of Two Protests: Why SlutWalk Works Better Than Occupy Wall Street

slutwalk philadelphia

SlutWalk Philadelphia

sluts don't cause rape. rapists do.

So stop shaming women for their sexual choices and go to hell.

slutwalk dallas

on the brazenly tongue-in-cheek dallas "slut walk;" a march against the stigma attached to women who have been assaulted.

slut walk in Berlin

A Toronto cop told a group of a law students that to avoid rapes "women should avoid dressing like sluts". This sparked an obvious outrage and rally of "Slut Walks" crossed the globe.