Classy ladies never have one night stands. We just held auditions and you didn't get a callback. (If you say so) lol

Are you cold

Are you cold?

Are you cold? Come sit in the corner . It's 90 degrees. Hahahaha (Even though 90 degrees is a right angle.not acute.)<<< Yes. Whoever made the "acute" pun must be obtuse for not understanding basic math!

Donna Lethal, 1967. The perfect crime hair and name.

Real mugshot of Donna Lethal. The perfect bad girl hair, sneer and name.


nail polish What a great mom to play with her daughter and not worry about the nail polish on her feet.


This Scumbag Never Stops

Me: Aren't you coming to bed it's already. Sleep: NO. Me: OK. Me: Let me get up! I have to go to work. Sleep: NEVER.


These Books Actually Exist

20 books you won't believe are real. The Princess Bitchface! Omg I am crying laughing!

Lmfao! That's alotta hair!

Bitch Got 4 Feet of Chicken Flavored Ramen Noodles on Her Head - Only at Walmart - Funny Pictures at Walmart

streetart design vol11 (6)

So simple to duplicate.stick on letters and a few dollar store body parts = awesome! Totally doing this to my dads trash cans.

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