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Cars-the fastest

Cars-the fastest

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Student created this crazy Lamborghinis concept...businessinsider

Rimac - Electric Concept One Super Car 1088hp 0-100 in 2.8 seconds 370 miles on charge less than an hour to fully recharge

Fastest Electric Car Mate Rimac Croation Kid

Gallery Image: Concept One

14. In 1998, the McLaren F1 became the fastest car in the world, topping out at 243 mph. It has since been surpassed by the Bugatti Veyron, but the F1 is still the fastest car with a naturally aspirated engine. Its not a great date car, though: The driver sits front and center, with passengers on either side and slightly to the rear.

18. One of the greatest living car designers, Henrik Fisker started his own car company in 2004. Fisker Automotive didnt really work out, but theres no denying the Karma is a truly gorgeous ride.

13. At auto shows, many automakers hire female models (AKA booth babes) to stand alongside their products. But the Bugatti Veyron doesnt need a model to make it look good. At the New York Auto Show this year, it had a security guard to keep people from getting too close.

The 50 Sexiest Cars Of The Past 100 Years

33. Before it could make a profit selling the relatively practical Model S, Tesla Motors had to prove it could build an electric car that worked. The result was the gorgeous Roadster, produced from 2008 to 2012.

34. Named for the racecar driver and founder of Ferrari, the Enzo Ferrari was built using the best Formula 1 technology of the day. That included a V12 engine that produced 660 horsepower. Only 400 Enzos were built, between 2002 and 2004.

The 50 Sexiest Cars Of The Past 100 Years

35. These days, the best work is being done overseas. Between 2001 and 2010, Lamborghini built 4,099 Murcielagos at its SantAgata factory near Bologna.

The 50 Sexiest Cars Of The Past 100 Years

38. The sexiest car ever to come out of Sweden, the Koenigsegg Agera R debuted in March 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show. Its 5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine uses biofuel to produce an astounding 1,115 horsepower.

21. Named for an Argentine air current, Paganis Zonda is made mostly from carbon fiber. The Zonda F has a top speed of 214 mph and can go from a standstill to 60 mph in a blazing 3.6 seconds.

42. Despite its stupid name, Ferraris new flagship supercar, the Laferrari, which debuted in March at the Geneva Motor Show, is a beatiful beast — with nearly 1,000 horsepower.

6. Simply put, the One-77 is the fastest, most gorgeous Aston Martin of all time. Only 77 units of the supercar were built, and it was a coup for Tesla Motors when it hired the cars designer, Chris Porritt, away from Aston.

mclaren p1 paris motor show

Aston Martin

The new grille is one of the new Rapide's most striking features. It moves backward upon impact, reducing damage to pedestrians in case of a collision.

The Huayra is Pagani’s U.S.-street-legal follow-up to the Zonda

Because the i8 coupe is made from strong carbon fiber, BMW did not have to re-engineer the i8 coupe. It just cut the top off.

Enzo Ferrari

1966 Mustang Fastback classic car club manhattan

The Ferrari 458 Italia is the most expensive car in the group, and one of the most popular.

Peugeot's Onyx Concept features a striking blend of pure copper sheet doors and a matte black body.

McLaren's P1 is the successor to the F1, once the fastest production car in the world.

The Continental GT Speed is the fastest road car ever produced by Bentley.