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Lightning strikes water!

~ Lightning Bolt - striking water & if that's a boat under it; all I can say is 'I'm glad I'm not in that boat! name unknown) * * * The Natural World-Thunderbird and Lightning

Estantería en madera natural de mahogany ALAMANDA. Calidad y diseño en muebles de madera.

More interesting than your average bookshelf.

neutral long coat sporty hijab style, http://www.justtrendygirls.com/sporty-hijab-street-style/

//Now that it's way too cold (yes, finally), you will be missed my beloved camel duster, goodbye pretty pretty//

I want the crystal at 12 and circle gem at 8! I have the Hamsa at 6. :)

I love that Quartz and elephant necklace!

consider using space above door and shelves instead of "built-ins" or bookcases, for max storage "wall of books" feel.

İnsanlık İçin Değişim Vakti!

A real book

Instagram, Ps

Pigeon on the young girl's head:  "Well!  I hope she chooses me to become THE 'Carrier Pigeon!'  The others are too interested in food!  Huh!  Hardly professional!"

Little girl surrounded by pigeons.

Bir insanı hayal kırıklığına uğratmak  En büyük insanlık suçudur.   - Dostoyevski  #sözler #anlamlısözler #güzelsözler #manalısözler #özlüsözler #alıntı #alıntılar #alıntıdır #alıntısözler #şiir

Commit to eating healthy vibrant foods VVL

Hayatımda ya az insan olsun ya da siz az insan olun

Hayatımda ya az insan olsun ya da siz az insan olun