Saving your pet with CPR Infographic

Saving your pet with CPR Infographic - dog cpr how-to! This is good to know just in case. I hope no one ever has to use this.

Bear loves this!

Freeze water and chicken stock with toys, carrots, treats, ect. My dog loved this in the summer! I didn't even have to use chicken stock or treats even. I just used an old bowl put some of her toys in it filled it with water and freeze overnight.

Dog Bug Out Bag – Infographic

Dog Bug Out Bag – Infographic. As I live in an area that can get hurricanes, this is not necessarily a silly idea. Also, not a bad idea if you take your dogs on longer camping trips either.

Puppy :)

I hate spiders. :) marinapersoglio I hate spiders. :) I hate spiders.

For your next vacation...

Want to vacation with your dog? Unwind, relax and play with your dog at the ultimate dog-friendly destination.