Dear KJ: How Can I Be a Body-Positive Role Model for Young Girls?

"Dear KJ" is a weekly advice column by Dr. Kjerstin "KJ" Gruys, sociologist, author and body image activist. She holds a Ph. in sociology with a focus on the politics of appearance and is th.

Proud2Bme Poll: 75% of Readers Feel Pressured to Alter Their Appearance in the Summer

Poll: of Readers Feel Pressured to Alter Their Appearance in the Summer

9 Ways to Combat Society’s Obsession with Bikini Bodies

That glorious time of year when the days are longer, the sun is shining, fresh fruit is in glorious abundance, andddd swimsuit season is in full swing.

6 Ways to Decolonize Body Positivity

By Palmer Hipp--I believe all humans have unique backgrounds, experiences and body types, and because of this, body positivity should be fluid. I define body positivity as the acceptance and representation of all body.

5 Easy Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself

By Hilary Smith--We take ourselves for granted far too often. Our personal well-being and our needs tend to take a backseat to the needs of others. Speaking from experience, I can say it is much easier to care for ot.

The Intersection of Pride Month and Body Positivity

By Ariel Beccia--June is Pride Month, and past celebrations have been symbols of defiance, strength and solidarity. It has never felt more necessary to champion love and inclusion, which is why it is important that w.

Challenging the Taboo of Menstruation

By Ariel Beccia--One of my first introductions into feminism was Gloria Steinem’s wonderful little essay, “If Men Could Menstruate.” The satire describes an alternate universe in which men, not women.

The Best Moments from #Beyonce’s CFDA Speech

By Palmer Hipp--Beyoncé is this year’s CFDA Fashion Icon—as if Queen B needs an award to tell her how much she slays. She delivered a powerful speech honoring her mother, grandmother and uncles and their r.

5 Reasons to Let Go of Perfection

By Emily Benko--There’s a good chance that you crave perfection—after all, it’s universally esteemed. But who can ever attain the unattainable? Who started the quest for the impossible?

“Assisted Bulimia” Tool Negates the Seriousness of Eating Disorders

By Kaitlin Irwin--By now, you’ve probably heard of the AspireAssist, the newest weight-loss tool that is being deemed “Assisted Bulimia.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Dismissal of the Word “Fat” is a Great Start

If there was ever a time to applaud a Kardashian, it would be now. Kourtney Kardashian stood out on a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians when she

Dear Chase: Does My Boyfriend Have an Eating Disorder?

Chase Bannister is the founder, senior vice president and chief strategy & clinical integrity officer for Veritas Collaborative, a specialty hospital system for the treatment of eating disorders in a gender-d.

Dear Melody: Will My Boyfriend Ever Support My #Recovery?

“Monthly Matters with Melody” is a monthly advice column by Dr. Melody Moore, a clinical psychologist, yoga instructor and the founder of the Embody Love Movement Foundation.

5 Ways to Talk to Your Parents About Body Positivity

Advice on managing stress, talking with friends and family, and learning what to expect - For Teens Who Have a Family Member with Cancer