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 military families should be withdrawn from South Korea as the threat of nuclear war looms. As tensions between the United States and North . Korean Military, Military News, Ballistic Missile, Korean Peninsula, Nuclear War, Military Operations, Japan, North Korea, America

Ongoing tensions linger on Korean peninsula - CNN Video

In response to the North Korea missile launches, the US and South Korea participated in a joint show of force over the Korean peninsula. CNN's Will Ripley reports.

PA The United States Of America has dropped a bomb in the Korean border region in a show of strength to North Korea. Both the US and South Korean military… Korean Military, Nuclear Test, Korean Peninsula, Mountain Landscape, Rest Of The World, North Korea, Fighter Jets, United States, Travel

North Korea: 'South Korea can turn into ruins' - CNN Video

North Korea released a statement that said, "It should not be forgotten...that the whole of South Korea can turn into ruins." CNN's Will Ripely reports.

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