Thaumatrope--- we're going to be making thaumatropes like this one at our Makerspace Event on March 22nd! In addition to stop-motion movies and flipbooks...we'll demonstrate persistence of vision (which is what ties all of these projects together) through the creation of these awesome little do-dads! Don't miss it!

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Making Light-Up Paper Houses - Bare Conductive This is so cool! Make a paper house that lights up!

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How To Make a Stop Motion Video-- here are some step-by-step, super simple instructions! Come to the NPL on March 22nd and make one with us!

How To Make a Stop Motion Video

Desktop Foundry- That's right, has instructions for making your own miniature foundry! Then you can design and build your own tiny sewer grates and whatnot!

Desktop Foundry

The perfect pom-pom eludes me! Mine always come out as tassels! Maybe your's will come out better.

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how to smooth broken china for upcycling crafts

Lil Blue Boo

Did you know if you draw on a lightbulb with a sharpie it'll decorate the walls with your designs. Lets do this!

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