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This photo is at a Dutch angle. The angle almost makes her seem like she is at the same level as he is, even though she is sitting on the ground while he is standing up. Maybe it is trying to imply that she has an advantage over him.


Movies have enjoyed wide appeal since the dawn of the nickelodeon. However, no one could have imagined that cinema would become a disposable subset of a gargantuan tentacled monster called computerized entertainment, reducing the century’s only new

There are the Oscars in and then there are the inaugural Style Oscars from Esquire: A new awards show — for men — because, really, nobody cares about Best Costume. Browse the list of our Oscar nominees for

When you are trying to inject a sense of uneasiness into a scene, the Dutch angle may be just the ticket. Here is a detailed look at what a Dutch angle is, how it is used in a scene, and what you may want to think about when planning to employ it.

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