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“【designer by 鉄鋼(@tetzco ) model by はいじ(@heidi_tk) photo by TRMN 】今世紀最大の魅力的なお尻・・・・・・・。大満足です・・・。”

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So one day I decided to count how many panties I actually had since opening and closing the drawer started to become a workout. At over 100 pairs I realized I had a problem so naturally I started a blog. Call me Gigi and this blog is about 2 of my...

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こちらは地球儀ではなく天球儀という位置づけになるのですが、非常におしゃれなので紹介します。 ドイツ・stellanova(ステラノーバ)社製の天球儀「Star…

サンスターの子供用歯磨き粉。これ、美味しかった〜 (^ ^) ♪ ☆Vintage poster for Sunstar's strawberry & banana flavored toothpaste for kids. They tasted sooo good!