At home library and office nook

home library and office stairway nook. I can't imagine we'll have a house this massive, but I like the idea of using the stairwell as a functional office space/mini library.


WHY: I chose this canvas because it looks rough to the touch and it gives the room a good look. The rough texture makes the room seem darker. DEF: Rough texture casts shadows, makes color seem darker & space seem smaller.

Elizabeth Messina

Ruche Photo Shoot by Elizabeth Messina + A Giveaway

Fabulous umbrellas to hang from the ceiling and other amazing ceiling decor ideas! (image by Elizabeth Messina)

Castle of Carcassone, Languedoc-Roussillon, France...

Castle of Carcassone, Languedoc Roussillon, France. We had a wonderful Cassoulet for dinner and stayed overnight before heading to Toulouse and Erce. What a beautiful Medieval Castle!

Morocco lights.

This Egyptian inspired lamp collection by Zenza is somewhat magical, don't you find? We love the oversized pendants with their intricate perforated designs that create astonishing illusions and shadows.


Valerie Hammond - Traces (Catherine Blue Single with Beads)