Linda Floyd

Linda Floyd

I'm 53 and happily married, with 3 grown kids and five beautiful granddaughters, I LOVE my Family, Friends, Books and crafts, in that order!!!!
Linda Floyd
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and he did....

This is absolute bullshit. John never once told Dean that Sam's bullshit behavior was his fault. Quit with the John hate. It's stupid.

The Walking Dead.  LOL

Carl, get in the house!this kid is never in the house. Why does nobody keep a better watch of what he is doing in the middle of a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? The walking dead are everywhere!


I will love you forever, whoever finds my name on a bottle/can. And I don't even like coke. ~Siobhan Love this, I can't find my name and it's Kelly, I mean really how hard should that be to find, good luck to those with more unique/special names