Marianne North in Mrs Cameron's house in Ceylon, c. 1877

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Othniel Charles Marsh, one of the preeminent scientists in the field of paleontology. The discovery or description of dozens of new species and theories on the origins of birds are among his legacies. A personal feud between Marsh and paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope led to a period of intense fossil-finding competition now known as the Bone Wars.

Othniel Charles Marsh

Sir Joseph Banks, 1st Baronet, GCB, PRS (24 February [O.S. 13 February] 1743 – 19 June 1820)[1] was an English naturalist, botanist and patron of the natural sciences. He took part in Captain James Cook's first great voyage (1768–1771).[2] Banks is credited with the introduction to the Western world of eucalyptus, acacia, mimosa and the genus named after him, Banksia. Approximately 80 species of plants bear Banks's name.

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Frank Kingdon-Ward about a year before he left on the blue poppy expedition (from Charles Lyte, 1989. Frank Kingdon Ward, the Last of the Great Plant Hunters).

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Joseph Banks (1743-1820) was an English botanist, plant collector, and explorer. His first trips abroad to study plants were to Labrador and Newfoundland with later trips to the South Pacific with the famous Captain Cook. He helped found the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, London, bringing seeds and plants there from all over the world. In addition, he helped found the Royal Horticulture Society and promoted the study of botany throughout England.

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Sir William Jackson Hooker, FRS (6 July 1785 – 12 August 1865) was an English systematic botanist and organiser, and botanical illustrator. He held the post of Regius Professor of Botany at Glasgow University, and was the first Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He enjoyed the friendship and support of Sir Joseph Banks for his exploring, collecting and organising work. His son, Joseph Dalton Hooker, succeeded him to the Directorship of Kew Gardens

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Plant collector Eugène Bourgeau travelled to British N.America in the mid 1800s to collect specimens for Kew Gardens in England.

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1877. Asa Gray (American Botanist) and Sir Joseph Hooker (British Botanist) Seated is Mrs. Jane Lathrop Loring Gray, wife of Asa Gray, with an encyclopedic knowledge of plants.

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A portrait from Kew's collection of J.E.T. Aitchison (plant collector) sent to Mrs Thiselton-Dyer, wife of a former Director

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Leonhart Fuchs - German Botanist (1501-1566)

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Harvard University Herbaria - Botany Libraries Archives Asa Gray Bicentennial 1810

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1542 by Leonard Fuchs, a founding father of botany


John Bartram is considered the "father of American Botany" #philadelphia #bartram's #gardens

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Mini Greenhouse made from six old windows-so clever! It is the star of this front porch.... This would be cute for your herb garden of to have out next to a little tea table and chairs !!

Margo's Junkin Journal: Refreshing the Front Porch

Milan mentionables: Greenhouse “To go”

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How to make a mini greenhouse from old windows (step-by-step)(from Flea Market Gardening)

Flea Market Windows: How to make a decorative ‘Mini Greenhouse’

How to make a mini greenhouse from old windows (step-by-step)(from Flea Market Gardening)

Flea Market Windows: How to make a decorative ‘Mini Greenhouse’

I need one of these greenhouses made out of old windows

erin's art and gardens: garden folly

Edwardian Glass Case, for indoor gardeners

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in the garden

Möblera i trädgården - blomsterverkstad

Glass terrarium wardian case. OMG.

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Old fashioned glass cloches near the greenhouses in the garden at Erddig, Wrexham, Wales

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