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Articles, news and information about personal injury, car and motorcycle accidents, insurance claims and processes, employee and business disputes and more. These legal articles are written by Deborah Nelson and Jeffrey Boyd. #Seattle #attorneys
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Know your rights for meal periods and rest periods as an employee in the State of Washington.  #NelsonBoyd #Washington

Workers have fought for decades to have the legal right to meal periods and paid rest breaks. Learn about your rights as an in the state of Washington to ensure that you’re being treated fairly.

In today's blog, Deborah Nelson and Jeff Boyd share their recommendations for the Washington State Judicial Election. #election2014

The Your Vote Counts meeting plan features ideas for the core value of citizenship - games, group activities, songs, and more.

When researching which lawyer to choose, turn to the Washington State Bar Association​ Lawyer Directory as a useful resource. #Seattle #Washington #attorneys #lawyer

Law is imperative for all societies. Law means the presence of guidelines essential to maintain a decent social order. It further helps members of a society to claim their rights and take the matter up to the court.

Legal Tip of the Week: Always Buy Replacement Cost Insurance  to guarantee you can afford to replace your goods if they are damaged or stolen. #insurance #NelsonBoyd #Seattle #attorneys

iPhone Troubleshooting - Blank or Black Screen iPhone Problems

Be on the lookout for cyclist this spring and summer by remembering these important bicycle safety tips for motorists. #BikeSafety #BikeMonth

Autumn is arriving (yay!hdr really gave this scene at the Bluecoat chambers an autumnal feel.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is 25 years old, yet many businesses, restaurants and box stores still do not comply.  Nelson Boyd is working with people with disabilities to demand property owners bring their facilities into compliance with the ADA. Learn more here.

Nelson Boyd has investigated and identified a number of violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act by major retailers.

In the final part of our Jury Duty series, Jeff Boyd discusses deliberations.  #juryduty #NelsonBoyd #Seattle #Attorneys

If you have been named as an executor of a will for a loved one’s estate, it may be helpful familiarize yourself with the basic [Read more.] The post Executor of a Will: What to Expect appeared first on Gersh Law Offices, P.

Part III of our series on Jury Duty discusses the start of the trial until deliberations begin. In this section, Jeff Boyd discusses juror conduct during the trial.  #juryduty

The lawsuit does not list the location of the incident, but alleges that it began when police decided to enlist an as a confidential informant to make a drug purchase.

You arrive for jury duty on your appointed day, now what? Prepare for what to expect before the trial begins. #juryduty

Attorney ads are everywhere. These advertising attorneys rarely fight for their clients in court. If you have a serious injury, you need a serious lawyer.

For many summoned to jury duty, the first thought is often “How do I get out of this?” But jury duty is the most pure form of democracy any of us are likely to participate in.   Here’s what to expect when you receive a jury summons. #juryduty

The Amendment guarantees the use of a Grand Jury in certain cases, prevents double jeopardy, grants the right not to incriminate oneself and prevents the government from taking private property without compensation.

Getting sued can be stressful. Here are some tips on what to do if it happens to you. #law #Seattle #attorneys

Getting sued can be stressful. Here are some tips on what to do if it happens to you.