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Neneh Cherry & The Thing Tour 2012

2/7/12- 23/7/12

Neneh Cherry & The Thing Tour 2012

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The End! 24/7/12 So wow, this is it ....just did last gig of tour in San Sebastian right in the old town. Daylight fading and the moon up above..just a slither of it. So pretty…so bloody tired... but so happy and have had the most amazing time…learned a lot and the last few nights we literally did not sleep at all…Give Thanx for this amazing journey...give thanks for friendship,bread broken and sweet music in my ears...can't wait to carry on….N xxx

San Sebastian - 23/7/12 Three planes, gig in a field Mat's hometown Nikkelsdorf..homey vibes great food family style...again straight to airport ….Barcelona…slept all day...woke up with the music..on stage at a club!! with The Thing!!…coma good coma great music medicine..Nxx

Olso- 21/7/12 Sitting now in…I think Oslo Airport. Played Molde jazz fest..went to hotel…packed, checked out and drove to a boat/ferry full of drunk humans? 25 mins on boat...ferry left @…Paal and I waded over puke to get to van (by the way gig was wonderful 1 of my faves)….so story goes on from Oslo we go to Frankfurt for 4 hrs then to Vienna drive for an hour and play......and then.....who knows…can't wait to get to spain see some sun N xxxx

Norway - 20/7/12 Matt Kent of Circus came to Karlsruhe..amazing so wonderful to spend some time love him so much. He played me some of his new! Oh another big thing... met Peaches she came to Berlin star struck. Love her so much 2.....big fan! Nxx

Norway - 19/7/12 Back in the fjords...deja vu dazed and confused! Three flights later Mats and I found ourselves standing in the airport unable to move....watching the others dragging the luggage about… We left Berlin nice and uber early (of course in true style of this blessed tour!)and stayed in a very east old style German hotel. Landlady had a flower fetish or maybe it was funeral parlour? Gig was a bit strange…lots of intellectuals analysing the process.. Slightly un nerving..... Nx

Karlsruhe – 18/7/12 On the way from The 'Dam to Karlsruhe changing trains in Frankfurt limping about (smashed my knee getting off train trying to lift off one of Paals metal box suitcases)...anyway got to the platform Paal jumps off to help us & the bloody conductor shuts the doors on us !! We missed the train.....Robert and Mats are onboard......had to laugh to keep from crying. So we had a tea party on platform waiting for next train. Nxx

Amsterdam 16/7/12 Is the end of the season of so called summer?? Grey clouds hang over head when it is not raining the light is as if one is inside tupperware...sitting backstage at the 'Milkveg' (Milkyway) in Amsterdam waiting go on that stage that is our life right now. I look at the window of our backstage right next to a canal...of course...bit concerned will it rise and swell into this room?? The rain has taken over.....I want to be under a duvet! Nx

London - 15/7/12 The gig in london was great, I loved every moment of it....lost myself completely. It was sold out, amazing!!So much love in the house…London..home…see what happens never know my best friend Andi threw us a party at the birdcage after...home cooked chicken yes N xxx

  • QBoy

    The gig was excellent and the party after was special, as was meeting you :-)

Gothenburg -13/7/12 Hidihi, writing from my bedside in Gothenburg. Streets sounding like Gotham City.Its friday night and the vikings on the rampage around my hotel! The gig in Malmo last night was quite special. Lots of my family and friends there, which creates that amazing mix of feeling in the arms of loved ones secure but also added extra nerves…I like that feeling. Today had lunch in bed watched The Wire...sound checked. Played at Nefertiti & felt a lot of sweet love from the audience N x

Malmo -12/7/12 Copenhagen…got there monday night went to bed.constantly tired....finished season 1 of The Wire...perfect company on the road. Tuesday saw my brother christian for lunch. Shopping for new trainers and complete box set of The Wire. Today played at the Jazz House. A glorious gig flew and loved dressing rooms with wins. Playing in Malmo in Sweden tonight.just about to go soundcheck.lot of friends and family coming tonight . Fingers crossed...bit nervous xx

Berlin - 10/7/12 Sunday I met Cam, Mabel my daughter and friends in berlin for days off . They were meant to have gone to Radiohead gig that was cancelled.great to be with my man and family bosom for a min, I love berlin so much....walked and walked and ate.... Nxx

Montreux - 9/7/12 so.....few days with few words none in fact very bad sorry…..Montreux…Oh Montreux. Amazing views amazing room weird happens I suppose there is always the unknown element in the real thing of playing live...the thing you cant control or fake....the feeling.Playing in Miles Davies hall an honour of course. but think the audience some of it was confused....think they thought us a bit way the feeling people were expecting me to break into 7 seconds…n x

Switzerland - 8/7/12 …and the story goes on...luggage still lost!! In the process of trying to borrow clothes for the gig.will probably just go on in my tracksuit. The Thing had a gig in Norway last night poor no sleep again...and guess what their luggage is lost too! So borrowing instruments as well...should be funny gig!! People looking at me bit strange second day in same clothes in very posh hotel...anyway who cares. Woopi! my bag just arrived.I am very happy. N x

Switzerland pt 2 - 7/7/12 So… my luggage never turned up but a lovely lady driver picked me up and drove to Montreux 5 star hotel…sweaty, tired and stinky I checked they gave me toothbrush and this amazing room I am sitting in now.....over looking one of the great lakes. I'm going to sleep surrounded by an abundance of cash all around (not mine, too bad) but I am loving cushy velvet plush maroon lush..but hey its got to be said I earn't it today. N xxxxx

Switzerland pt 1 - 7/7/12 God where do i start?…it didn't really end...sitting by lake geneva now...what kind of a bloody life am I living? This is not a complaint by the way but take note this day started in the north pole where in the summers, the days don't winter's nothing but it bi polar weather...Our boat back to the mainland left at 6 am. re packed my luggage slept 20 mins.walked to the boat in the rain…then took 3 flights…Bodo to Oslo to Copenhagen to Geneva…..n x

Norway- 6/7/12 Yesterday afternoon was spent on an ex-whaling boat fully decked out with sauna and hot tub...people coming straight out of sauna heat jumping in to 8 degree sea...NOT ME... I let the guys represent there on that front.....met norwegian reggae band soaking in hot tub on top deck.. Played the gig at 1.30 am in a teepee! This time no midnight sun and it was raining…but no dark either . N xxx

The set list.x

Norway- 6/7/12 God where are we now how many days so far?? Think it's day 6? We're bound together already I deeply can't imagine what going separate ways in 3 weeks will be like. We are in the North's amazing, so beautiful...on the coast of Northern Norway..clear waters, the blue skies...whale burgers at the hot dog stand. We're playing at 1.30 night no dark...midnight sun kept me up all night. Nxx

Russia-5/7/12 At airport in ukraine  got charged 400 dollars overweight luggage !! flew to Moscow where we couldn't get through customs to pick up luggage...!! We had no visas, they just about took us worked out in the end…some quite brutal women working in there. Nxx

Ukraine-4/6/12 Ukraine was off the hook-we were met airport by committee of people with flowers and gifts…I received more of loads of bunches through out whole 5 minutes of grand 'ladydom'….great gig to full house. The audience was a mixed bag all a time warp 40 years back in time.....beautiful people. Nxx

Ukraine - 3/7/12 (More photos from the show on this blog: blog.minakova.inf...)

  • Luis Pueyo
    Luis Pueyo

    ¡Qué grandísimos músicos!

  • Joe Merrell
    Joe Merrell

    I really love the new album!

Prague- 2/7/12. Traveled today from Vienna on an old old school train. really liked it - reminded me of  my childhood...nicer than flying. We had two compartments and a ton of luggage. It was a bit of a joke all of us trying to change trains in some small town... five hrs to get Prague… it was good gig last night…next thing we are rolling. Prague's full of amazing architecture. Old & elegant but a bit crusty...just like me. We're playing in black mirrored disco basement tonight...cant wait N xx

On the road- 1/7/12. Sitting on my bed ...a big plush one with my name all over it...hitting the sack for well deserved sleep. Was up at 5 am (hate that) in stockholm after a long blink...slept 2 the time i'd finished figuring out what to Ljubljana its 30 degrees 10 days or so we're in Northernmost Norway..god knows what will be going on there....?? First gig is saturday..cant wait to get on with the music! gotta sleep hugs n xx

  • Luis Pueyo
    Luis Pueyo

    Musical travelers…