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Frozen Nutty Banana Nibblers

Frozen banana and peanut butter bites. Quick energy post-workout. Oh man, these are delish! I just made and added a little honey for my favorite combo of bananas, peanut butter and honey!

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solution for storing things like wood trim, edge banding and pipes. 12-in.-dia. by 8-ft.-long cardboard concrete form, add plywood dividers and hang it from the ceiling with plumber’s strap.

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How to clean rain barrels. Rain Barrels should be cleaned yearly. Add 1/2 cup bleach to each and let set 24 hours. Water can be used for dishes, toilet flushing, laundry, etc. at this point, but not for irrigating plants or consumption.

Provides easy transport of 6.6 gallons of water into even the most remote locations.Includes an 845 oz (25 L) OMEGA® Water Beast