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I have a horse for the first time since I was a kid - I am relearning everything I ever knew about horses and increasing my knowledge tenfold. I am having a blast!

Is your horse better off inside or out?

Working on bending into the corner Easing your horse into suppleness .

Stall or pasture - what's best for horses?

Pastured Horses More Fit Than Stalled Horses, Study Finds

Nice horse

  • Horse Interests

    This is an incredible paint job on a statue! For more like this, check out their website at: Let's pass this info along so pinners don't re-pin it thinking that it is real. :o )

They're the most forgiving creatures god ever made...

Not a morning horse?

So true

The Secret To the Best Horse Riding Posture

Keep Water Troughs Clean with Goldfish

If horses took selfies

How to Clip and Bathe Safely

30 second video narrated by William Shatner: “Not everyone can win national titles. Very few ever compete beyond the local or regional level. And only the especially fortunate ever make it onto the world’s stage. But no one who has ever sat in the saddle has lost.”

Choosing, using, and assembling bridles

Calming Signals: Are you listening to what your horse is trying to tell you?

▶ How to Fat Score Your Horse - YouTube

If your saddle isn't positioned correctly, it could cause problems for your horse. Review these six tips on saddle position to ensure a comfortable ride for you and your equine pal

▶ Trotty to Smooth in 3 Lessons - YouTube - moving a gaited horse from bumpy trot to smooth gait.

The Bullet - Showing off at Villa Vanners