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Geeky Gourds: Nerdy Halloween Jack-o-lanterns

Geeky Gourds: Nerdy Halloween Jack-o-lanterns

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Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy) | Source:

Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon!

It’s The Great Geeky Pumpkin Round-Up « Nerdist

Mario Pumpkin

Big Bang Theory Jack O'Lanterns

Better keep an eye on this Jack OOD Lantern and make sure the eyes don't turn red!

Peter Parker Pumpkin

@megsalamode's reddit Pumpkin gets an upvote from us!

Iron man pumpkin carving

Two-Face Pumpkin Carving created by Villafane Studios

Spock Pumpkin Carving by Alex Wer

Amazing Star Trek Pumpkin Carvings

This Rick Grimes gourd is killer. (submitted via Twitter by @greeneydgrrl414)

Adventure Time pumpkins!!! (submitted via Twitter by @bebe_kiddo)

Twitter / OpalPeridot: @NerdistChannel

This Batman jack-o-lantern is the hero your Halloween needs right now. (via justjenn)

Batman jack-o-lantern (via justjenn) - Home Geekonomics

This Loki Jack-o-lantern is anything but low key... [Submitted via Twitter by ‏Julia Barnard]

Twitter / crownjulesb: @NerdistChannel Take a look ...

Turtle Power! #TMNT

19 Wicked Cool Jack-o'-Lanterns

Grumpy (Cat) Gourd

19 Wicked Cool Jack-o'-Lanterns

ET phone home!

Happy #Halloween from Nerdist Industries!

The Walking Dead by mattbates81 #Halloween

fan-made Nerdist pumpkin by Sayla_Vie #Halloween

fan-made Nerdist pumpkin by Whitney Page #Halloween

Dalek pumpkin is prepared to exterminate trick-or-treaters

  • Julia Brown
    Julia Brown

    I'm making this now! :)

With my freeze ray I will stop the world... [by steveoftheweb, via Flickr]

Who killed Kenny?

The Joker by sculptor Andy Bergholtz

  • hollyloo

    Not gonna lie, totally thought this was Gary Busey at first! Hah!