His socks compelled one's attention without losing one's respect. - Saki in The Chronicles of Clovis,'Ministers of Grace'.
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Pikachu Pokemon Glitter Flats

Pikachu Pokemon Glitter Flats - I want to wear these for halloween and do like a wizard of oz theme but poke style

horror hosery

Funny pictures about Halloween Zombie Tights. Oh, and cool pics about Halloween Zombie Tights. Also, Halloween Zombie Tights photos.

Cozy tosies

warm cable knit socks // stocking feel // french press // warm drinks // lazy fall mornings // breakfast in bed // autumn inspiration // cozy and warm // september // october // november

But only if I can wear them mismatched

I have a hard time picking one, I love the Nerd & geek socks but also partial to the Bookworm one too ThinkGeek :: Geek Statement Socks

College-ruled socks

Ashi Dashi Notebook Knee Highs these have a rather subtle theme that could easily be overlooked but still so fun, also why not do one paper sock one pencil sock, super nerdy fun

For those days when your calves need capes

Wonder Woman Socks w/Capes Jr Womens Knee-Highs for our 2013 Summer Super Heroes Amazing Race

The ankle bone's connected to the .... bone. (I don't know the socks aren't labelled.)

Anatomical Bone Socks - Skeleton Bone Socks - Anatomy Models and Anatomical Charts.Our anatomy experts have chosen the best anatomy models and anatomy charts to sell to our customers. If you are looking for an anatomy model or anatomy chart, we are your o

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