Old bedframe...cool gate!

old iron headboard for gate. ourcountrylife old iron headboard for gate. old iron headboard for gate.


Sweet baby calves I love Jerseys! I grew up with a sweet Jersey named Emma. Can't help but love the baby animals.

Little Cowboy

Country Kids - Little Cowboy in straw hat and blue plaid and denim in old farm truck


All of my favorite things in one picture. A country boy, lace, and cowboy boots!

Somebody's got to keep watch over the farm..............

"I like to think that my boy Moose is keeping watch over me. Miss you, my best friend for 13 years." This is so sweet - I will think of Muddy this way when the time comes.

Country Boy Meets City Girl (except wearing completely inappropriate heels and a dress with the dogs at our feet)