Butterfly with Stained Glass Wings colorful beautiful nature butterfly pretty colors rich


I love color, but I will FOREVER be a silver/gray girl! Can't go wrong with the jeans & T, and love me some jewelry. And how can you look at that purse & NOT smile?

Love the wall decor :)

old records into butterfly wall art; I have a lot of old records! This is an awesome idea!

butterfly tatt stockings

small/medium sexy Butterfly tattoo tights / stockings / full length / pantyhose / nylons Cafe Latte Love the idea of leg tats you can remove at the end of the night


Blue butterflies under glass bell jar. DIY from the Design*Sponge at Home book by Grace Bonney.

FlowerHouse  Butterfly Bench.... wandering-in-the-garden

FlowerHouse Butterfly Bench - Outdoor Living Showroom, cast aluminum, priced for mere mortals

Butterfly Wreath - K has been studying butterflies this year. This would be a neat summer project.

Butterfly wreath idea: assemble kits with butterflies & flowers. Guide them through a gluing session to create their own personal wreath