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Vanessa Navarro

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Vanessa Navarro
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I really need to do this , I keep saying I will do it! But then I sit on my bed all day once I get that motivation .. Just watch

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5 Best Legs and Bum Toning Exercises to Lift Your Buttocks

Yoga Fitness Flow - 5 Best Legs and Bum Toning Exercises to Lift Your Buttocks - Get Your Sexiest Body Ever! …Without crunches, cardio, or ever setting foot in a gym!

This workout combines the best glute exercises designed to target all of your bum. These will tone, lift, round and enlarge your buttocks. Do this workout circuit and you will know exactly how to g…

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Bigger Butt Workout at Home For Women - Doing this routine is best exercise for butt and thighs. After a week you will start to see noticeable changes! - Fitness is life, fitness is BAE! Tap the pin now to discover Print Fitness Leggings from super


Having a curvaceous body is all the rage now and between the media and society, we can’t escape it. Being skinny is so yesterday and the new look is figure, shape and big curves. Sat bye bye to Kate Moss and hello Kim, Nikki, Rihanna and Queen Bey.

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