Happy Homes

What's in your happy home? The fantastic design blogs Design-Milk, Design for Mankind, Justina Blakeney, Pennyweight & Satsuki Shibuya looked for homes and home decor inspired by the Nest Happy Homes. See the winners here: www.nest.com/2012/07/25/happy-homes-contest-winners

Happy Homes

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Hoooooos there? An owl of a door found in Copenhagen, Denmark.

kiddo nook from my scandinavian home: The happy home of Jenny Brandt

Say hello to my little friends #nesthappyhomes

Everything should have feet #nesthappyhomes

  • Investors Lobby
    Investors Lobby

    Its very creative.. thanks for sharing

  • bills.com


We need these drawers. And also more hats. #nesthappyhomes

Anthropomorphic Tongue Chair by Wary Meyers for #nesthappyhomes

  • Bianca Heintz
    Bianca Heintz

    I would feel awkward sitting on this chair

  • Karen Drum
    Karen Drum

    OMG. I laughed way too hard at this.

Window glasses art #nesthappyhomes

Houstache for #nesthappyhomes

Street art for #nesthappyhomes

"At your command" lamps for #nesthappyhomes

  • Urban Houseware
    Urban Houseware

    wooow, how cool those lamps are!

That bowl is blowing his mind #nesthappyhomes

  • Nourah Alfaisal
    Nourah Alfaisal


  • Yong Roripon
    Yong Roripon

    The impossible is often the untried. roripon.com vs google.com

Great little night-light for #nesthappyhomes

Crossed leg chair for #nesthappyhomes youtu.be/vLmFSloPmk8

Concerned building is concerned #nesthappyhomes youtu.be/vLmFSloPmk8

(paint that chimney) Os Gemeos #nesthappyhomes youtu.be/vLmFSloPmk8

  • Linda DeBenedetto
    Linda DeBenedetto

    Very whimsical, but my HOA wouldn't allow

All You Need Multi Pocket Crossbody Satchel...with a face #nesthappyhomes youtu.be/vLmFSloPmk8

Cute Speakers for #nesthappyhome youtu.be/vLmFSloPmk8

  • IoT Monitor
    IoT Monitor

    Outstanding effort!

Unusual decor - like this antique safe - makes us unusually happy. #nesthappyhomes youtu.be/vLmFSloPmk8

Salt Set Devil and Angel for #NestHappyHomes youtu.be/vLmFSloPmk8

  • Kel Coelho
    Kel Coelho

    I want them!!!

DIY Candy Corn Flower Pots #nesthappyhomes youtu.be/vLmFSloPmk8

Adorable clock for #NestHappyHomes youtu.be/vLmFSloPmk8

So happy! #nesthappyhomes youtu.be/vLmFSloPmk8

Find A Face Rug for #nesthappyhome youtu.be/vLmFSloPmk8

The Perfect Getaway for #NestHappyHomes youtu.be/vLmFSloPmk8