Pioneer Taffy--my kiddos would love to make this.

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Nest Bliss - the party we did from all these ideas I pinned

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want to make this

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President's Day Learning Fun - Teach Beside Me

such a cute party button necklaces and a penny store for the kids to shop.

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A Little House on the Prairie Party: Top Ten {Tuesday}

Little House activities, printables, ideas

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Little House Unit Study

give house cut outs made with a roll of chalk board vinyl to each kid as a favor

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pioneer dress girls

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Pioneer bonnet bundle

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simple white apron

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Mason Jars + Vintage Lace & Garden Twine

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Christina Lane


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Burlap and lace table runner. Cute!

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Burlap & Vintage Lace Table Runner, 60"

bonnet tutorial

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Buns and Baskets: Pioneer Bonnet Tutorial

rock candy how to make

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Make Your Own Rock Candy At Home

pioneer cookies - an egg-free oatmeal cookie

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Pioneer Cookies

drop cloth tablecloth with burlap runner - top with wildflowers

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The Shabby Nest: Frugal Friday~

my favorite pioneer party

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pbs frontier house lots of good information on what pioneers ate etc.

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PBS - Frontier House: The Families

Pioneer Crafts List Candles : Hand dip a taper candle to take home using hot liquid wax. Candles were the main source of light on the homestead. (Age 5 and Older) Soap : Make soap from tallow (lard) and lye. Requires a lot of stirring. Tenacity was an important characteristic to have. (Age 8 and Older) Tin Lanterns : Design and use a hammer and nail to punch out your pattern in a tin can. (Age 8 and Older) Rope : Twist fibers into a length of rope. Teamwork is a necessity. (Age ...

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Pioneer Crafts List

Pioneer Crafts: Yarn Dolls

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jam, bread, wagon rides, aprons, bonnets

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Prairie Party

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Melissa Loves: Prairie Party

cute jars with holes for straws and lemonade

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Then I made bonnets for each girl to have and wear at the party.  We had fun deciding on what was a good old-fashioned treat.  We choose muffins with hand shaken butter,  lemonade and and pop corn. With candy sticks as our sugary treat, like you'd get at an old general store.

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Yesterday: Prairie Girls Party

burlap banner

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Wayside Treasures: Cloth and Patina