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10 Easy Christmas Decorations Anyone Can Master

The holiday season is the perfect time of the year to let your inspiration and imagination run free and fully deck the house. Have your family, your kids and even Santa Claus serving as the perfect excuse to go all out and fully decorate your house.

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CROSS WREATH, Burlap and turquoise wreath for front door, wreath with cross, Christian faith wreath, year round wreath

Burlap and turquoise wreath for front door, Christian faith wreath, cross wreath, rustic burlap wreath

The Problem of Perfectionism

Dreaming of the perfect holiday? The one where everything comes together because of your hard work, planning, and, well...not burning the food?! The perfect holiday sounds amazing, but is it good for you? Perfectionism is on trial in this article.

How to Make Christmas All About Christ

How can we make much of Jesus this holiday season with all of the focus on gifts, trees, cookies, and stockings? Sure, those things are not bad, but we should make sure that our traditions and our celebrations honor Christ - the real reason for the season. Here are eight ways to make much of Christ with your holiday traditions!

No Sew Christmas Stocking Patterns

I love this no sew stocking tutorial. It looks so easy to make! Perfect for Christmas and holiday gifts.

Transform a $1 Felt Stocking With These Fun Character Options