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13 Powerful Phrases Proven to Help an Anxious Child Calm Down

40 Good Manners for Kids (and Adults!) Get your child noticed for all the right reasons and stand out as a model parent! Here are 40 good manners for kids, that every child (and adult!) should know

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A Mom Sets the Tone

Do you ever get so fed up with your husband or kids that you feel like you might explode? While sometimes it is hard to admit, a mom really does set the tone for her family. Don't miss these 5 practical tips for resetting your mood when anger strikes!

Understanding kids feelings by Dr Laura Markham

Understanding kids feelings by Dr Laura Markham - so perfect and adequately stated. HELLO BE A PARENT!

Say this, Not That, a parent's guide. Examples of common parenting phrases, rewritten using positive language!

Say this, Not that: A Parent's Guide

Say this, Not That, a parent's guide. Developmental Group: Infants/Toddlerhood Audience: Parents and Caretakers Picked it/Why: At this age kids can be hard to handle because they have a lot of energy. This might help the parents remain positive.

Great challenges

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100+ Easy Ways to Bond With Your Kids

Creating a strong parent-child bond is something that will carry with your child to adulthood. Here are over 100 fun and easy ways to bond… parenting tips // family tips // family activities

Great read about Reacting vs Responding to your kids.

Do You React or Respond to Your Kids?

Examples of how we react vs. respond to our kids. This is awesome parenting advice for curating your words! What a difference. Our kids are our replica remember 😉

30-Day Relationship Challenge

The 30 Day Relationship Challenge