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Fritz Lang, Early German (Austrian actually) director known for Metropolis and the controversial movie "M" as well as many other exceptional films

Fritz Lang, German film director Monocle accoutrements: dramatic scarf, jaunty fedora Fashion statement: Head Bitch in Charge

Metropolis. Stunning Behind-the-Scenes Photos Show Iconic Movies in a New Light

fuckyeahbehindthescenes: “ The costume for the robot caused multiple cuts and bruises to Brigitte Helm during production. (x) Metropolis ”

✯ Metropolis 1927 ~by Art & Vintage

A striking publicity image for Fritz Lang’s classic 1927 movie, Metropolis. One of the few surviving examples of the original poster design recently sold for auction at Christies for

Fritz Lang was an Austrian-American filmmaker, screenwriter, producer and actor. His most famous films are the groundbreaking Metropolis and M.

the one and only Fritz Lang - my favourite filmmaker of all time.