Женя Кулимеев

Женя Кулимеев

Женя Кулимеев
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Ametista Blackpetal - Reference by Lifyen on DeviantArt

Ametista Blackpetal is selfish but sweet she spends her free time planting roses up for adoption

Canon-style Vanity by DragonGirl983 on DeviantArt adopted

Steel Warrior, she is she loves battling for her country:Finota, her cutie mark is a sword and a shield, she has a crush on her friend Hot Beat, she is a very awesome and beautiful young unicorn

I recently heard the term "prettyful" and this base reminded me of it! ^3^ Base by softybases "MLP FIM(C) 

3 sisters- princesses- Pegasus- each control different powers of the sky- from left to right- Moonlight Breeze- in charge of creating new stars each night- Pink galaxy is in charge of of the sun set. Vanilla Sun- in charge of helping the sun rise.