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Since 1936, Nevada Magazine has been telling the Silver State’s story — in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and beyond.

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The January/February 2017 issue of Nevada Magazine is on newsstands now! Check out some of the great stories at

Nevada's State Parks have something for everyone. From Valley of Fire to old schoolhouses, discover all there is!

Las Vegas Foodie Tours! Adventures of every flavor exist in Las Vegas, but when flavor is the adventure, you’ve got a tasty new ball game. Luckily, Las Vegas has someone who not only knows the game, he’s mastered the rules, knows all the players, and with his Lip Smacking Foodie Tours, hits a culinary extravaganza out of the park.

Five Fools on a Flume! History comes alive in this story of a boneheaded challenge to Nevada's wooden wonder.

The Black Rock Desert was once covered in water. Ancient Nevada: Water tells how Nevada's landscape changed over the years.

Outdoor Recreation for All. Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

The November/December issue of Nevada Magazine is on newsstands!

Barbecue and brews serve as a tasty toast to the town’s mining heritage. BY MEGG MUELLER | January/February 2015 Driving between Reno and Las Vegas can be a long, dry trip. The Nevada desert stretches for miles in between major (and even minor) cities along U.S. Route 95, and after a while, even the …

Photos by Megg Mueller: Sierra Nevada Chocolate Company’s cases are full of gorgeous and incredible truffles. The store also serves locally made Blind Dog Coffee, and offers tables and a lounge area.

The mission is pure fun 60 miles west of Las Vegas. BY ERIC CACHINERO Pahrump: the only city in Nevada that will turn you into James Bond after a single visit. OK…while that statement is mostly a silly hyperbole, there is a bit of truth to it. When I  first watched the original James Bond actor Sean …