#Businessplan much needed for a better vision on #digitalMarketing ... mission is first step to #mantra

Drawing up a Business Plan - an essential before you even start. Get a business mentor to check it out for another perspective & look for realistic risk elements.

13 consejos de Albert Einstein para no perder el norte en el mundo de los negocios : Marketing Directo

13 Business secrets from Albert Einstein - Clever infographic that converts Einstein quotes into business advice.

How to write a Business Plan for Creatives by Amandagenther.com Entrepreneur, startups, small business

A business plan for creative businesses The brand clarity & marketing confidence coach for creative women entrepreneurs

#Accounting Cheat Sheet #Infographics

With many small businesses going bankrupt, your business should have an accountant. Here is our accounting cheat sheet [infographic] to help you get started.

Very helpful for other creative entrepreneurs wanting to tackle the never ending chore that is finances!

Business infographic & data visualisation Virtual Bookkeeping Checklist: The Basics for Small Businesses Infographic Description Very helpful for other cre

50 Essential Features for Every Small Business Website [Infographic]

50 Essential Features for Every Small Business Website [Infographic]

how to legally start a small business, best ways to start your own business, how to start a business in - 50 Features Small Business Websites Must Have [Infographic]

16 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Small Business from a Survey of over 100 Entrepreneurs ✮ www.pinterest.com/WhoLoves/helping-small-business  ✮smallbusiness #tips business ideas #smallbusiness small business ideas wahm ideas

16 Common Mistakes When Starting A Small Business success business infographic entrepreneur startup startups small business entrepreneur tips tips for entrepreneur startup ideas startup tips small businesses

Home business tax deductions are just one reason (of many!) that a home based business is so attractive. Home businesses are blessed with a variety of tax write-offs. Expenses that you have to pay...

The tax benefits are GREAT! Talk to your tax advisor! Keep track of your 31 monthly business expenses with this work sheet.

15 Startup Mistakes You Should Avoid #entrepreneur #business

15 Startup Mistakes You Should Avoid [Infographic] When venturing into uncharted territory, such as a new startup, it pays to to listen to those who've been there. Avoid these startup mistakes.