Simplify the Holidays

Less stuff, more joy!

Simplify the Holidays

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Magical Christmas Lanterns: DIY tutorial on how to turn Mason jars into lamps and create a simple Christmas decoration

3 Simple Steps to A Minimalist Christmas - Holistic Squid

Article - 8 Days of Sustainable Hanukkah Gifts

Anyone can make this DIY Upcycled Chanukah Menorah!

Another idea for all those cards -- Recycled Christmas Placemats!

Great ideas for what to do with all those holiday cards!

Lessons on Gift Exchanges: Stuff ≠ Love

Top SoKind Holiday Books for Children

Simplify the Holidays • Calendar •

A holiday gift tracker for those who want to give meaningful gifts from the heart

Simplify the Holidays • Calendar •

The Wallet Buddy: a cleverly-designed paper sleeve that wraps around an ATM or credit card, and offers a list of thoughtful questions to ask before making a purchase. Download it, print it, and share it with family and friends.

Don't bust your budget this holiday season! The Simplify the Holidays calendar includes lots of great resources for staying on track, and avoiding financial stress this year.

How we help curb the "I want that"s during the holidays

Six Tips for Getting the Most Enjoyment Out of Your Holidays

Simple Celebrating IS Possible: Tips for a Sane Holiday Season

Creating Holiday Traditions Isn't Mom's Responsibility

Looking for a non-Grinchy way to tell friends and family that you want less STUFF this holiday season? Check out SoKind Registry!

Another "use what you have" Christmas tree for the book lovers of the world!

Don't want to buy a tree? Use what you have!

Overbuying at the holidays

Happiness Tip -- Make a Holiday Game Plan

How Rosemary and her Family Simplified the Holidays

Tips for Talking to Your Loved Ones about Simplifying the Holidays