Entrance hall I want to remember to buy thriftstore frames and print B&W photos for my house!

Terrasse ♦ Light up the night with a garland of lights and enjoy the view with a cup of hot cocoa.

Indoor teepee, fort. Yes!

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pano BROT KAFFEE, Stuttgart, 2014 - Dittel Architekten

pano BROT KAFFEE, Stuttgart, 2014 - Dittel Architekten - really soft interior scheme, has a chain feel without being too branded


Wood Plank Desk in Front of Window with View of Ocean - Amazing Last summer at Crete I had the same view to an amazing gulf - great idea to set up your office there :)))


Dream destination, A Roof Top Terrace in Paris Best Book Nooks for Grown-Ups, va Retreat by Random House)


Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Cool space, cool saying. I really like the desk - reminds of Berlin's outdoor seating.