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Dear Mother In Law, 1 + 1 = 2! A marriage is composed of 2 people. You're not a part of this marriage so please subtract yourself from the equation!

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reality of marriage meme

The reality of marriage in memes

That would be different!

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One cocktail away...

Anne Taintor

The sniffles can be rough... if you're a man.

What it's Really Like to be a Woman: A Primer for Men - Lone Wolf

Be careful what you wish for!

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Happy Hour Humor 35 | Hampton Roads Happy Hour

My husband has the best wife in the whole world!

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Sounds like a good marriage proposal!

~ A Colorful Mind

What nicknames do you have for your spouse?

22 Ways Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Significant Other

As a former math teacher, I find this entirely too funny!

Magical Maths - A Learning Hub For Teachers and Students

Newlyweds Tie Empty Beer Cans on the Back of Their Cars as a Reminder That it Takes a Shit Ton of Booze to Survive Marriage.

All Posts - Page 160 of 698 - Little White Lion

I'm definitely not ready!

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For Beter or Worse?

For Better or for Worse! Really?!? - Newlywed Survival

For Better or Worse?

For Better or for Worse! Really?!? - Newlywed Survival

Is it important or wise to honor the commitment of "for better or for worse"? Or are they just pretty words said in wedding vows?

For Better or for Worse! Really?!? - Newlywed Survival

His last words...

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Doesn't seem like a fair deal, does it?

The Husband Contract: Fine Print | Average Moms Wear Capes

Whoever invented marriage...

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Long term relationship Barbie

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Is this what it has come to? #newlywedsurvival

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If a husband says he will fix it... #newlywedsurvival

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Stacey Werner

Who needs Google? #newlywedsurvival

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Is this you? #newlywedsurvive It is usually me waiting for my hubby!

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