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the cover of zoo scientist's to the rescue
Zoo Scientists to the Rescue for the animal-lover in us all.
Zoo Scientists to the Rescue resources
a person feeding an elephant with their hand
Zoo Scientists To The Rescue Book Trailer
Trailer for Zoo Scientists To The Rescue
a man standing in front of a cage with two bears inside it and one is reaching for something
Fascinating study about whether capuchin monkeys perceive fairness
My favorite zookeeper Animal Kingdom, Favorite, Kingdom
My favorite zookeeper
an image of a woman smiling for the camera with pictures of animals on her face
STEM Week Continues with Patricia Newman!!
Author Interview with Patricia Newman – The Return of STEM Week Patricia is here to talk about how everyone can contribute to the advancement of science. and why it’s important for kids to have non-fiction books as part of their reading menu!
three baby otters are playing with each other
Black-footed Ferrets at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s conservation facility in Front Royal, Va.
black - footed ferret basic fact about black - footed ferrets / defenders of wildlife
Black-Footed Ferret
Black-Footed Ferret | Basic Facts About Black-Footed Ferrets | Defenders of Wildlife
a small brown and white animal standing on its hind legs in the middle of some grass
Moving Back Home Together (Published 2014)
Rarest Native Animals Find Haven on Tribal Lands - NYTimes.com
an oranguel in a cage looking out from behind bars
As Palm Oil Farms Expand, It's A Race To Save Indonesia's Orangutans
An adult orangutan in a cage at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program. It's one of four that remain at the program, either because they are disabled or because they pose a risk to people and animals outside the program.
the logo for an organization that is doing yoga
Home - SOCP - Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme
Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program
an image of monkeys with names on them and the words orangi in different languages
Orangutan Outreach: Autumn 2013 Newsletter
Orangutan Outreach: Autumn 2013 Newsletter Adopt an orangutan today! http://redapes.org/adopt
the words 10 easy things you can do to save endangered species
10 Easy Things You Can Do to Save Endangered Species - Endangered Species Coalition
10 Easy Things You Can Do to Save Endangered Species | Endangered Species Coalition
an info sheet with different types of animals and their names in each section, including the title
Illegal wildlife trade crisis | ZSL
Check out this infographic on the dire state of the illegal wildlife trade and get inspired to help.
a poster with different types of writing on it's sides and numbers in the middle
Official Website
Infographic for the Endangered Species Act
an info sheet showing the different types of marine animals
How We're Endangering Animals [Infographic]
Our actions have a direct effect on changes in the ecosystem. Find out Howe We're Endangering Animals in this infographic from National Geographic