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Vi Portrait Fan Art Colored by Zeronis on deviantART

Rating: Safe Score: 44 Tags: aqua_hair hatsune_miku long_hair minusion scythe torn_clothes twintails vocaloid weapon User: opai

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Polji Photo by Chel_Uzamaki | Photobucket

Akira - Classic anime. It's like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, or Madonna of #Anime. Space travel, super technology, and super powers. An Anime MUST SEE! The Matrix directors got some of their ideas from THIS anime.

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Xam'd - Great art, tribal colonies with steampunk technology

Xam'd: Lost Memories - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Vampire Hunter D - Classic #vampire #anime . Your typical vampire verse human story with a hunter who has his own powers... Anime version of Underworld or Van Hellsing Awesome!

Vampire Hunter D - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia