Tim Moss

Tim Moss

London, UK / Author of 'How to Get to the North Pole'. Supported 100+ expeditions. Runs 'The Next Challenge' offering free advice and resources for expeditions.
Tim Moss
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Anyone who applies for The Next Challenge Grant has to summarise their idea in a single sentence. I get people to do that partly because I think it's good

Grant winner Jenny Tough has recently returned from a remarkable trip: running the length of Kyrgyzstan. My first ever expedition was to Kyrgyzstan so I've

Difficulty Isn’t Proportional to Distance – A Mile Run Around the Coast of Great Britain

Last week I announced the winners of the 2016 Next Challenge Grant with a wonderful mix of ideas. But whilst I've been reading through this year's

I'm delighted to have the first report from a winner of our expedition grant who has completed their expedition. Teenagers George Kefford and Jaxson

I recently announced the winners of The Next Challenge Expedition Grant. I love the broad spectrum of people we

I wasn't interested in adventure until one day I walked past a poster at my university which read: 'Expedition grants for students'.

Comparison of Bikepacking Bags

Who Makes The Best Expedition Rations?

Minimalist design cuts weight, but not warmth. For lightweight camping, mountain marathons, trekking, or as a backup.

A £1,300 expedition grant. 2015 Deadline: 26th August.

The Next Challenge Expedition Grant

What's the warmest jacket? Down vs synthetic, fleece vs pile.

Comparison of Mid Layers (insulating jackets)