Roses & Pearls resting on lace..

Rose and pearl centerpiece idea (Fill a smaller vase with water and insert fresh flowers. Place smaller vase in larger vase and fill with pearls to conceal smaller vase.

Marmalade Skies rose. What a pretty color.

marmalade skies rose - My all time favorite color of rose! So beautiful when bush is full of roses!


Blessed Valentine's Day everyone. May everyone feel the love of God and of self today. You are loved - you are love.

Raindrops on Roses!

Yes, definitely want to get a pink rose this color for the garden. My pink tea rose arrived!

A tear of joy 4c by alan shapiro photography on Flickr

~~ A tear of joy ~ Rose by Alan Shapiro Photography ~~ Check out the website, some girl tried a new diet and tracked her results


I love flowers like this'd climbing rose bush so beautiful on a stone wall Stunning Red Rose Garden Wall

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There might not be enough plantain for the grasshopper and the rabbit to eat, which would mean all three populations might decrease quickly.

aqua rose

Tiffany Blue Rose I want this in my garden! Never seen a light blue rose before


Pink roses wrapped up in tissue perfect for Valentine's giving : Rose Bouquets


pink Colorful Roses Quilt Pink Hyacinths pale pink roses The needs of the dress are comfort, style, fit, color to set the mood and make it f.

♡ xo, Chanel ♡

From gardens to bouquets to festival crowns and just plain gorgeous flowers, we've got you covered on the peonies and petals front.

muted colors.

**adding dried roses to your arrangements adds a unique vintage touch and provides a great color palette to work with.