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CME: Regardless of all these sickness remedies, we all must remember that through this fast paced world around us, God is a rock that we always have to feel better.

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How I Healed My Son's Skin Infection (Without Antibiotics

healing a skin infection without antibiotics- activated charcoal, raw honey tea tree oil paste

Going to have to try this. Did some research on this, and found out that almonds have something called salicin in them,which is an ingredient found in pain relievers. Interesting.

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This “Golden Honey” Mixture is The Strongest Known Natural Antibiotic

You must prepare this Golden honey mixture because it is the strongest known antibiotic Many of you have already had some experience with turmeric. Someone had used it as a spice, many used it in preparing "golden milk", and some had just seen bags of...

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Baking Soda Fights Cancer Let met give you a summary about cancer and fungal conditions: The cancer industry is closing in on baking soda and how it is a primary tool in treating fungus. Cancer is a fungus, can be caused by a fungus, or is accompanied by late-stage fungal infections. If one has cancer, chances are pretty good that one also has a fungal infection to one degree or another.

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