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The Coin Collectors Manual or Guide to the Numismatic Student in the Formation of a Cabinet of Coins

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Coin obsession

Coin obsession infographic.


A modern coining press can strike coins at speeds of up to 850 a minute.

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The first gold Sovereign, its designs rich in symbolism, was part of the trappings of the new Tudor dynasty. On 28 October 1489 King Henry VII instructed the officers of his Royal Mint to produce ‘a new money of gold’. England had by then enjoyed a circulating gold coinage for almost a century and a half but the new coin was to be the largest coin yet seen in England, both in size and value, and was to be called a Sovereign.

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Which state has the most solar power? Fewest pipeline accidents? Organic lentils? These maps give great insight into what each state does well, and where it needs improvement.

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