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#SatyajitRay explores the cultural emergence of the idea of the "modern woman" in the upper class of colonial India, showing with striking sensitivity the pressures this new ideal placed on individual women whose self-identities were also molded by traditional expectations.

The film was based on the emancipation of women and what it does to them and to the men who love them.

#SoumitraChatterjee has always at his best with #SatyajitRay. This too proves his brilliant worth. #MamataSankar as his daughter is superb in expressing her reactions to the helplessness of her father. Ruma Guha Thakurta, as his wife has done justice to her role. Dhritiman Chatterjee as Nisit deserves special compliments. The art of dialogue throwing and crookedness as physionomised make him look a real villain.

Legendary Indian film director #SatyajitRay developed this project based on a classic play by #HenrykIbsen because his doctor wanted him to only shoot films in a studio.

The story has been transferred to Bengal, and Bengali is the language used in the film.

The film was screened out of competition at the 1989 #CannesFilmFestival

#Duvidha is a 1973 Bollywood ghost movie directed by #ManiKaul. The film stars #RaviMenon and #RaisaPadamsee in lead roles.The film was critically acclaimed and won the director #NationalAward for Best Direction and Critics Award for Best film at the 1974 Filmfare Awards.

#ManiKaul is undoubtedly the Indian filmmaker who has succeeded in radically overhauling the relationship of image to form, of speech to narrative, with the objective of creating a ‘purely cinematic object’ that is above all visual and formal.

The film moves on two planes – inside-outside, dark-light, a structure that exists in the folk tales and myths the world over.

The music of film was given by folk musicians of Rajasthan