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Dublin & London 2013

The Jane Froman Singers of Columbia College Concert Tour

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Dublin & London 2013

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Sing it sopranos!

I have the coolest bass section around! Abby Road cover re-creation!

On the ground in KC! We are home.

Capacity crowd for tonight's performance....amazing musical experience! The audience was sitting behind us it was so crowded!

Southwark Cathedral, London

A chair massage and a cinnamon latte...a happy man makes!

Tim Sharp whipping the musicians into shape.

Rehearsing for our performance of Messiah at Southwark in London.

An unwrapped mummy at The British Museum.

Dionysus, the God of wine, merry making, theatre and ecstasy....hmmm! I'll let you decide why these two wanted to pose here!

Outside The British Museum!

New Year's Day Parade in the rain!

Well duh...we had to to go! Harry I'm right behind you!

Saint Paul's Cathedral.... OMG! Getting yelled at was totally worth it!

Well.....we had one day of blue skies!

Rainy Day view from the London Eye!

  • Sandy Garrett
    Sandy Garrett

    Beautiful pic!

Methodist Central Hall Westminster!

Tour of The Globe.....Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune....

Words of wisdom friends!

Happy New Year from London!

Can you say wow?

London Bridge isn't falling down?

The tube was stuffed after the fireworks last night...we just barreled through!

New Years Eve on the bank of the Thames River, London. ONE MILLION people? Everyone returned safely!

A must have photo....while touring London!

The resting places of four of the greatest English composers to ever live!

Cried like a heart is singing! #evensonghigh

Evensong on New Years Eve...what a perfect way to end an amazing year!

Singing the hallelujah chorus in the room in which it was written! How cool is that?

The Moore's had a fancy New Years Eve lunch at the most delightfully tacky Italian Restaurant in London!

Preparing for solo appearances with Tim Sharp at The Handel House!

Memorial to John Dryden....the first choir piece this group sang together this fall was the setting of his poem Song to Saint Cecilia by Norman Dello Joio!

Covert picture taking!

Tim Sharp, Harry Musselwhite and the Foggy London Boys!

A gaggle of Princesses at the gates of Buckingham Palace!

Recorded The High lonesome Mass tonight in downtown London. This was the view afterward as we headed to the bus! St. Paul's Cathedral....stunning!

Buckingham Palace...these people need to move out of my picture!

This Prince Albert is definitely not fitting in a can!

We need pounds....not Euros!

We've landed in there luggage?

Look Mom I really am here!

Dublin Airport....on our way to London!

Tim Sharp, Tulsa Oratorio Chorus and Nollie Moore, The Jane Froman Singers

Getting ready for Messiah #1!

We took Scooter to Sunday morning Mass. He needed it!

The first performance of Messiah is here tomorrow....I can't wait! The choir of this very cathedral made up part of the chorus that sang it at its premiere in 1751.

Dinner at Dublin's oldest pub! Followed by an impromptu of a few tunes....received by wild applause!

I begged for the students to get me this as a late Christmas gift while we toured the Jameson Distillery...I sadly left empty handed. It was only a little over $600. Guess I've been too mean! :-(

Outside the Handel Hotel...originally the location of The Music Hall. Where Messiah premiered!

  • Morgan Householder
    Morgan Householder

    Looking good

Bluegrass in Ireland...great times!

Following the performance in the Gravity Bar!

Lunch at Guinness before the concert!

Well....we are performing here today!

St. Patricks Cathedral

Preparing for a two hour rehearsal of the High lonesome Mass! After traveling for over 24 hours...this could be in interesting!

32 hours and no sleep!!!!

  • Sandy Garrett
    Sandy Garrett

    ...and Julia looks beautiful! Not fair!! :-)

Welcome Dinner!

Two thumbs up from Scooter....we have arrived safely and we all have our luggage!

We made our connection!

The plane is first delayed....and then some mechanical problem with the weather system.....NOT looking good for our 9pm connection in Philly! :-(

Scooter has everything under control!

  • Sandy Garrett
    Sandy Garrett

    The Derek/Nigus photobomb is classic!

Are we there yet?

What happens in The British Isles stays in The British Isles!

All checked in at KCI!

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London, England

Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge, London, England

I love this photo of Tower Bridge! The bridge is beautiful to see at night with lights running the entire length of the supporting lines. It was a sight to see.

Big Ben, London, England

Jameson Distillery in Dublin, Ireland

Christmas in Dublin, Ireland

The Guinness Brewery, Dublin, Ireland? Guinness for breakfast sounds great to us...

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland

Christmas in Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Taney Parish Centre

Harmony Blue Grass London

Harmony Blue Grass Dublin

Harmony Messiah London

Harmony Messiah Dublin

Thistle City Barbican Hotel London

Jurys Inn Dublin Custom House

Check out @JurysInnsHotels Dublin Christchurch #citycentre

Southwark Cathedral London

Christ Church Cathedral Dublin