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    Celebrating the annual European Researchers' Night with the free-to-attend Science Uncovered. Photos are from #SU2014 on 26 Sep 2014, #SU2013 on 27 Sep 2013 and #SU2012 on 28 Sep 2012 and we're looking forward to this year's #SU2015 event on 25 Sep 2015.

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    The @NHM_London always looks stunning in the evening light #SU2015 #Museum #London

    Ria Mitchell on Twitter

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    Abi Stone of @QEGMan explaining how to make sand glow [aka luminescence] at #SU2015 @McrMuseum

    Christine Lane on Twitter

    @thiswordistaken talking about beetles at #SU2015 @NHM_London

    RhinaDT on Twitter

    Lyndsey Douglas on Twitter

    Big urchin, little urchin. ID team of the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity have a whole range out #SU2015

    Live at the NHM on Twitter

    BURGESS SHALE!! *paleontological swoon* #FossilFriday in @NHM_London #SU2015

    Sally-Ann Spence on Twitter

    More beetle outreach at #su2015 @NHM_London @NHM_Coleoptera @thiswordistaken

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    Getting up close to dung beetles now! #SU2015

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    #su2015 @NHM_London

    Max Barclay on Twitter

    Exciting science under the cocoon at @NHM_London! #SU2015

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    Loving @FameLabUK @NHM_London #SU2015

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    European Researchers Night - look out for #ERN15 #ERN and keep following #SU2015! @NHM_Live

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    .@ReadingBioSci's @JMBagniewska continues discussions about #trophyhunting during #SU2015 @NHM_London.

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    The previously Mythological two legged duck-dog-fly has been spotted at #su2015 - please approach with caution

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    @SCICambridge, @JacquiMachin and I LOVING your stem cell game at #SU2015 @NHM_London

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    Paul Clark with his CAPTIVE mitten crab @NHM_London #su2015

    Sandra Knapp on Twitter

    The diversity and origins of the foods we eat @NHM_London #su2015 @CropWildRelativ

    Sandra Knapp on Twitter

    Impromptu Rock Drop @TheStudyMcr #Thestudymcr #SU2015

    Herbarium Manchester on Twitter

    Trying the mandrake cream - are you flying yet? @NHM_London #su2015 Natural Histories on @BBCRadio4

    Sandra Knapp on Twitter

    Joe covers his role in the @ESA_Exomars mission: all the intricacies of choosing a suitable landing point #SU2015

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    Great talk at the Human Origins station! Come see #HomoNaledi #humanorigins #SU2015

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    #SU2015 @NHM_Live @LeeRberger australopithecus sediba !!!

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    The most excited I've ever seen anyone get about #lichen #SU2015

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    The always amazing @SandyKnapp talking about Solanaceae at #SU2015 @NHM_London Science Uncovered

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