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Front yard makeover slideshow. Everything I love in a bed. Raised, no curbing, with plants in rows. Gorgeous. Love the small trees by the porch and of course those amazing hanging baskets.

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How to Landscape

Most people never begin a new landscape because they don't know where to start. I Have 8 Landscaping Tips for Beginners that will teach you How to Landscape - The Seasoned Homemaker

Tiger lily, that i never planted. In fact I didn't know I had them until one year when I didn't tend the front flower bed till July (UGH! That's back in the baby stages around here!) I've now learned to spread and replant the bulbs around the yard.

Japanese Lilac Tree. I have one of these in my flower bed. I bought it last year and I can not wait to see it bloom this spring.

I want to do flower beds around our gigantic weeping willow in the back yard and the birch tree in the front yard.

creating a flowerbed: low things in front, focal point, something tall. This would be cute around a couple trees in the front yard if they are good for shade.

Tinkerbelle is a dwarf lilac with a pleasing spicy fragrance and incredible wine-red flower buds that open in late spring. Does well as a tree form, like is shown in this picture.

A variety of annual foliage plants coleus Solenostemon planted in garden bed next to house porch and lawn with foundation plantings, stone pillar, porch furniture, stone edging, hanging plants