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At the end of the finale did Emma remind anyone else of the Swan princess?<-- OMG SWAN Princess, Emma SWAN that was not coincidence <<<< But can they DO that? The Swan Princess isn't Disney property!

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Definitely Emma and Hook. The princess and the pirate! I love all of them so much though!

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Ouat and frozen. Just had random thought. The producers want to bring Anna and…

The women of Once Upon a Time...

Wonderful quotes from the beautiful women of Once Upon a Time

The adventures of Emma Swan...#OUAT moments!

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#LOL...but this is also very true...they are but a small portion of why we love OUAT!!!

Ouat and wonderful ONCERS - I love the last comment. I've never been a huge Disney fan. Disney is wonderful but i always Prefer the ouat version!

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Ginny said in a commentary that she and Jen both have a habit of copying other peoples' mannerisms. Josh responded by saying it made the mother/daughter relationship even more believable. /// I don't watch Once but I like this.


The official Season 3 poster "A Change is Coming" I totally thinks this looks like she is the Swan Princess!

OUAT - Character comparisons

Once Upon a Time the only show to make the ugliest Disney characters into well just sexy (even if the Evil Queen was the fairest in the land)

The Evil Queen and the Wicked Witch of the West...# OUAT!

The Evil Queen/Regina and the Wicked Witch/Zelena fan art