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Free Irish fiddle sheet music "The Butterfly," with an easy version and a bit harder version.

Free Irish fiddle sheet music "The Butterfly" in two versions, with chords for guitar or fiddle back-up. This piece for violin is a challenge for beginners, but is a great favorite.

Celtic Thunder - "Atmos, Druids, Deus Meus & Dulaman" - there are few things I can call epic. it is an over-used and mis-used word. but I fear "epic" is the only thing I can call this song. gack. I've got goosebumps. especially from those 5 seconds when Daniel is singing. my poor heart.

Celtic Thunder Voyage - "Atmos, Druids, Deus Meus & Dulaman", minus Damian and opera guy, and the addition of 3 new Celtic Thunder members.