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Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles. - 10 Habits Of A Successful Mom

10 Habits Of A Successful Mom - Today's the Best Day

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Great advice here on how to re-set your mood as a mom!

Mom Sets the Tone {5 Ways to Reset Your Mood When Anger Strikes}

So many good parenting articles within this site.

Hug It Out – Calming an Angry Child

.Be a self-controlled and gentle parent.

12 ways to be the meanest mom in the world

12 ways to be the meanest mom in the world

5 Simple Ways Working Moms Can Ease the Mommy Guilt

Self-Esteem: Activities for Building Your Tweens Self-Esteem

Inspirational Quotes for Parents | motivational inspirational love life quotes sayings poems poetry pic ...

To My Child | The Daily Quotes

When our children misbehave it can be very frustrating. Step away and take some deep relaxing breathes. Once you are calm then you can approach your child and discuss their conflict. Ask them about how they are feeling and what caused the problem. Most important is that you listen to them, don’t judge and respect their feelings. #parenting #quotes

Don't just be the memory maker... This is so hard for me to do sometimes, I'm such a planner. Are you the "memory maker" in your family?

Don't Just Be the Memory Maker...

Good things to remember and ask and ask again. Every night until they're grown. Love this :):)

7 Things to Ask Your Toddler at Bedtime | Stay At Home Susie

This is what I want my kids to know. There are people that do not have this from their parents.

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How to get kids to listen without yelling at them. Get some super simple, yet effective tips in this FREE webinar!

Stop Yelling:: When Staying Calm Isn't Enough - Dirt and Boogers

This is my wish

Children learn what they live #parenting #parenting quotes #parentingtips

mom quotes | single mom | Tumblr

I love every sentence of this.

Don't educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy, so they know the value of things, not the price.

Card Sentiments -Sarah Hamer Designs

How to Raise Grateful Children

instead of saying "don't argue with me" say..."I know you want my answer to be different, but it will not change." THIS IS SO WONDERFUL.!!!!!

True. Be mindful of what you say to children. Harsh criticism, careless words, and unfair judgments all damage children to a far greater degree than most adults realize..... Mind your words!