Design for a small back town garden on a low budget

Wonderful design by Bea Ray Garden Design for a small city garden. I would only put some sun panels on the shed for electricity in the garden and house.

Conservatory styles. Thinking the P shaped would be good, could have living space in part and greenhouse in part, or maybe two Edwardian, one connected to the house, one separate but easy to get to, for greenhouse.

Elglaze prides itself for being able to supply a conservatory to fit any awkward situation. We offer conservatory styles in various shapes to suit all budgets and tastes.

Good idea to add a small conservatory to the house. Could be used as a small toy room so we could get some of our lounge back!

The "Bay-Bee" Small Conservatory- allows a residential door to be positioned in any of the conservatories five vertical window panels, and the extended version which enables a French door to be fitted in the front centre panel.