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The Virtual Assistant

I help mompreneurs and small businesses run their businesses online. This board is all about what I do as a virtual assistant and tools and resources I use. You can also find articles on the benefits of working with a virtual assistant
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I love this TinyPng! Super quick compression without quality loss!

TinyPNG – Compress PNG images while preserving transparency

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Just click 'Enter the Giveaway' below and share with your friends to have a chance to win a one-on-one Strategy Session with Janine of GIDM (valued at $297). Experience the relief that comes from having a simple and focused plan to hit your income goals in the coming 6-12 months. You will also win a $200 Virtual Assistance Startup package - get rid of tasks you hate doing that have been sitting on your desk for months! #contests #mumpreneurs

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Help Us Reach 10,000 Emails And Win Amazing Prizes Entice Mega #Marketing Giveaway

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The Virtual Assistant

Personal Assistant


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Should freelancers work with a #virtualassistant? Why not?! A VA can free up a lot of time doing admin work for you :)

Should you hire a virtual assistant? A freelancer's cheat sheet

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Forever thankful that I became a #virtualassistant..

5 Ways to Make a Living From Home

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7 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help You In Your Psychotherapy Practice - Private Practice from the Inside Out

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Virtual Assistant





I like thinking about systems over coffee. This is a sketch of blog promotion/marketing process for a client. #mindmapping #socialmedia

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Nica Mandigma

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Miami Florida


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Facebook page setup for a site about Miami, Florida. #socialmedia #virtualassistant

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Nica Mandigma

The Virtual Assistant

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Some nights I get fuelled by coffee, some nights by Coca Cola

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Nica Mandigma

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Virtual assistants need to know these advanced Google search techniques!

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Hire Friends

The Virtual Assistant

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I hire friends who have great skills! It's not always a good decision but when it is, the benefits are tremendous.

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Who S Struggling

The Virtual Assistant

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Please share this to #mompreneurs you know know who's struggling to generate income in their business. We guarantee that they'll thank you for this this! The summit has started today that but if you sign up, you will get access to replays.

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One thing missing from this -- Turn off Facebook (or whatever is your fave social network)

Useful Tips - The Meta Picture

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5 Visual Marketing Tools for the Small Biz Owner #contentmarketing

5 Visual Marketing Tools for the Small Biz Owner – Nica Mandigma

Prose Child

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Virtual Assistant



Web Site


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Working on this web site -- same look but will use a #genesis and the prose child theme.

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Nica Mandigma

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You don't have to settle for the daily grind -- The Beat The 9 to 5 Manifesto #virtualassistant

The Beat The 9 to 5 Manifesto

Launch Grow Joyfrom Launch Grow Joy

30 ways to promote your blog posts

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30 ways to promote your #blog posts & to boost traffic - #Infographic @Andreea Ayers @Jonathan Nafarrete Griffith Vessely Grow Joy Wondering what to do after you write a blog post? Here are 30 ways to promote your blog posts & to drive more traffic to your blog. Blogging has 3 proven ways to help #boost your #brand and market your business: generate traffic, leads & help spearhead your #social #media #marketing efforts #OMG #Goodies #Stuff #internet #web #social #media #socialmedia…

Launch Grow Joy – 30 ways to promote your blog posts

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Here's where your content should be. #contentmarketing

7 Sorprendentes Razones Para Utilizar El Marketing con Contenidos

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Ohh I need to brush up on my digital advertising skills

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Virtual Assistant

Free Photos



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Fotor is another FREE photo editing tool that I use. I like it's montager/collager feature. #virtualassistanttools

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Nica Mandigma

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Great FREE tool for making photo collages online #photovisi #virtualassistanttools

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Nica Mandigma

Pdf Converter



Virtual Assistant

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Best word to pdf converter I have used! Retains all formatting

Convert Word to PDF / DOC to PDF and PDF to Word online for free.

Assistant Mom

The Virtual Assistant

Location Independence


The Challenge

Work At Home

Dr. Who



Here are the challenges I find in pursuing location independence as a virtual assistant mom who works at home.

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Stay Close

My Vision Board

People Don T

Virtual Assistant

Business Idea

10 Things

My Daughter


About Me

Here's my story on why and how I became a virtual assistant plus 10 things most people don't know about me.

The Virtual Assistant

Techie Island

Assistant Lifestyle

The Virtual Assistant

Island Girl

I M Going


To Be


I'm Going to Be a Techie Island Girl! - My Virtual Assistant Lifestyle

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