Lego tower bad loser…

Funny pictures about Lego tower bad loser. Oh, and cool pics about Lego tower bad loser. Also, Lego tower bad loser.

Everything is going to be alright, maybe not today but eventually

Everything’s going to be alright…someday, eventually, anyways?

Lol! I am SO so anal about perfect grammar and spelling, when its important. Otherwise I have a little fun! :) Because that's who I am:) No one is taking your worthless texts or posts as an acceptance letter to fricken Harvard. Jus shows how stuck up,  BORING YOU are

I Am Silently Correcting Your Grammar Tee | T-Shirt | Funny Sassy Shirts

I Am Silently Correcting Your Grammar Tee. Def not me but need to keep in mind for my English teacher friends!

This just makes me smile! The joy on their faces..... :)

Joy ride on a scooter with a friend


Slum-side Smile by Meanest Indian: “And somewhere there are engineers helping others fly faster than sound. But, where are the engineers helping those who must live on the ground?” - words from an OXFAM poster. look at that beautiful smile!

Under the stars

Nothing builds a strong root chakra like being in nature and learning outdoor survival skills in teen years.

I told you!

Love the idea of chalkboard paint on a retro fridge.magnetic paint would be even better!


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Wisdom for my children. Maybe it should be: You never know what you don't have until you clean your room. Then my girl might clean it to see what she think to purchase.

Metal Heads Urban #Art in Berlin

Berlin street art - the group Mentalgassi uses prints and wheatpaste to transform urban objects into art. So awesome and creative !